The Science

Our Approach: Leave no trace


Finding materials that are recycled, upcycled, bio-based and zero-waste is our top priority. Wherever possible, local suppliers help us cut down on unnecessary emissions. And no matter what, each of our suppliers upholds fair labor practices, safe facilities, and a commitment to sustainable best-practices.


Equity is critical to sustainability, but too often overlooked. We approach this in two ways. We price our products to be accessible. We also partner with organizations that share our values and a commitment to social welfare, including the Eden Project which focuses on reforestation and poverty alleviation.


We don’t just think about how, where, and by whom our products are made. We also think about what happens when you’re done using them. This means that we rigorously evaluate any disposable parts of our products, which are built-to-last on the road towards a future free from single-use waste. Along the way, we’re finding ways to regenerate by incorporating materials like our instructional seed cards.


We’re committed to radical transparency even when it’s uncomfortable. We love to learn from our community and likewise, we’ll openly share our research and suppliers with you. Atmo is a space for open and respectful dialogue, so please make yourself at home. You’re more than welcome here.

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