Here's How It Works

Every time you refill you save a single-use
bottle from ending up in a landfill.

Step 1

Fill the bottle with

warm tap water.

Step 2

Drop in the cleaning

tablet and let it dissolve.

Step 3

Screw on the sprayer

and you're ready to go!

The Formulas

01 Simple

Less is more. Made with fewer additives, shipped without unnecessary (bulky) water content.

02 Sustainable

Holistic approach. Developed locally, taking care to limit feedstock, land, and water use.

03 Effective

7 formulations later. Two years of rigorous testing to perfect our powerful, uncomplicated clean kit.

The Packaging

01 Upcycled

Refillable. Our spray bottles are made of lightweight, recycled aluminum.

02 Biodegradable & Home Compostable

Non-GMO & FSC-certified. Pared-down packing materials: the tablet sachet and Green Cell Foam.

03 Zero Waste

Our goal: leave no trace. Committed to improving our environmental impact and refining our process.

Make It Personal

Refill is the new recycle.

Every time you refill you make a difference. Personalize your cleaning kit with our Calculator—so you always have product on-hand when you need it.


How big is your household?

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Do you have any pets?

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Personalize your refill routine

Every time you refill you make a difference. Personalize your cleaning kit with our Calculator—so you always have product on-hand when you need it.



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Your Refill plan

Buying annually cuts down on unnecessary shipments.

Glass + Mirror



That's less than €5 per month to keep your home and our planet clean!

You’ve made a meaningful change

You’ve made a meaningful change

single-use plastic bottles saved

Liters of water saved from transport

In Your Words

See why people prefer Atmo Home.

“I have never had such clean windows!!! I'm so impressed. At first, I was a little skeptical that a good/sustainable product could even work... But boy was I wrong! So happy with my purchase, would give it even more stars if I could.”

Lea S.

“OMG this bath stuff WORKS like crazy! I usually have to scrub my bathtub with that Frosch brand shit, but it was so easy with your stuff.”

Jon H.

“I’m already a big fan of the bath cleaner but this one is unbeatable for me. It works amazingly well. I could clean an old white plastic chair almost white again. THE SMELL is just heaven, this is how a house should smell after a good spring cleaning.”

Manu R.

Our Philosophy

A clean space can change the way
we show up in the world.

At Atmo Home, we think beyond clean cleaning—our responsibly-designed products give you the tools to build clean habits for a better quality of life and have a positive impact not only inside your home, but also on our environment.


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